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JetRoll High Performance Doors
When your project calls for a high-cycle, low-maintenance, fabric traffic door that saves energy, controls noise, isolates dust and dirt, and resets easily after an impact, count on JetRoll® high performance doors to meet your standards -- and exceed all expectations. 

Extreme Interior/Exterior Interior
Interior/Exterior Specialty

Extreme Interior/Exterior
690 Series
The JetRoll® 690 is designed for exterior and interior openings that require a high-speed, high-cycle door that can withstand wind loads, severe internal air pressure differentials or harsh environmental requirements. The 690 Series offers fast opening speeds -- up to 48" per second -- and our advanced VectorShield™ four-part safety system. The JetRoll® 690 is an ideal choice for applications requiring the highest levels of speed, safety, durability, performance and climate control. It is also effective in controlling noise, dust and dirt.

692 Series
JetRoll® 692: Taking High Performance to the Max! When you're looking for a high-speed traffic door built for high performance with low maintenance requirements, look no further than the JetRoll® 692. Big, fast, smart and extremely durable, the JetRoll® 692 fits door openings to 32' x 24', opens 10 feet in 4 seconds, is fully programmable, and features a host of engineering innovations to keep it working above and beyond the call of duty. The JetRoll® 692's reliability is backed by the best two-year warranty in the industry and backed by our national network of 450+ "Ribbon" distributors whenever and wherever you need us.  

687BW Series
The JetRoll® 687BW is a durable, easy-to-maintain, high-speed door designed primarily for interior applications. The 2.0mm PVC impregnated fabric is strong and tough, making it a good choice in environmentally sensitive areas, as well as in areas. A full complement of vision options, actuators, and door sizes to fit openings up to 14' x 14' (4267mm x 4267mm) are available. These make the JetRoll® 687BW an economical choice for demanding interior environments where a high-cycle, high-performance door is required.

688BW Series
JetRoll®: Taking high performance to the max! When you are looking for a high-speed traffic door built for high performance with low maintenance requirements, look no further than the JetRoll® 688BW. Big, fast, smart and extremely durable, the JetRoll® fits door openings to 20' x 16', opens 10 feet in less than 3 seconds, is fully programmable, and features a host of engineering innovations to keep it working above and beyond the call of duty. Safety is a key feature of the JetRoll® 688BW. The door incorporates a three-part safety system. A non-contact photoelectric eye detects people or objects at the door's threshold and immediately reverses a closing door. This door series breakaway bar design allows easy reset in minutes with just a screwdriver. We also offer a two-year warranty, which is backed by Overhead Door Corporation's national network of Ribbon distributors.


693 Series
JetRoll® 693: A Real Workhorse with a 500,000 Cycle Written Warranty. The JetRoll® 693 is built to last. In fact, you have our word on it with the industry’s best written warranty: 500,000 cycles or 2 years (whichever occurs first) on mechanical and electrical components, 3 years on the curtain material, and labor is the earlier of 1 year from installation or 500,000 cycles. The JetRoll® 693’s high performance also translates to low maintenance, thanks to design innovations like the direct-drive motor which eliminates the costly repair of counterbalance springs, and our self-healing Back-on-Track™ feature that automatically resets the door after a break-out condition. Safety is a key feature, too. The direct-drive motor and gearbox eliminate unexpected door drops, and a soft bottom edge to reduce impact on obstructions in the door’s path. Best of all, the JetRoll® 693 is customizable with a variety of curtain fabrics, vision options, operating speeds and actuators.

696 Series
The JetRoll® 696 Series offers all the benefits of a flexible, high-performance door in a non-motorized model. Designed to fit interior openings up to 14' x 14' (4267mm x 4267mm), the 696 Series curtain is fabricated of 2.0mm PVC impregnated fabric for strength, energy conservation, and to minimize noise, dust and dirt. An optional heavy-duty, vinyl-coated screen or a 1.0mm reinforced vinyl options; make this flexible rolling door even more flexible for multiple interior applications.

697 Series
The JetRoll® 697 Series offers the full features of a high-performance door in a manually operated, economical, full-vertical model. The 697 Series features a standard curtain fabricated of 2.0mm reinforced vinyl that is strong, lightweight and practical. The 697 Series is also available with an optional heavy-duty, vinyl-coated screen when air infiltration is desired, or a 2.0mm PVC impregnated fabric when energy savings, climate control, and dust and dirt control are primary concerns. A wide selection of vision panels -- 18" (457mm) lites, 36" x 34" (914mm x 864mm) full-view lite(s) (in 2.0mm curtain material), and 32" (813mm) or 40" (1016mm) full-width panels -- makes the 697 Series a versatile choice for any number of interior uses.



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